I teach because I believe deeply in the importance of education and the value of philosophy in the real world. So much of our lived experience is interacting with arguments for why we should buy something, vote for someone, or care about something, and I want my students to be able to skillfully interact with these arguments. One area where the richness of a philosophical perspective is especially important is in healthcare. Often in my bioethics classes I tell students that this class might be the most important one they take. I do not say that because I have delusions of grandeur, but because in this class they are learning how to think about sensitive and challenging topics. Whether as a patient, family member, or provider, at some point in the future they will have to make healthcare decisions and I take very seriously that this is part of what I am teaching them to do. This awareness is critical to who I am as an integrated educator scholar. I am committed to doing good research, improving my skills as an educator and mentor, as well as presenting cutting edge issues to my students.

Sample Past Courses

History and Philosophy of Science

Ethics of Biomedical Technology


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Ethics in Data Science